Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Convention Updates

Some of you may already know that I'm heading up to Ottawa tomorrow for the International Animation Festival. Fellow Pratt students and I attended last year, and we obviously had a spectacular experience last year, since we're setting aside the time and money to go once again. Hope to run into some fabulous animators and such up there. Not to mention running into the parties that happen to be going on....

I also have a scheduled trip to head back to Orlando first week of October. I've just recently applied to become a member of the NCN, because their annual convention will be held that week for their organization. I originally wanted to go backto Orlando in the first place to take advantage of the resources around home for voice recording, but hey...when there's a caricature convention conveniently going on at the same time down there, who wouldn't pass that up!? Heheheh.

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