Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Production Updates - November 28

So even though we had thesis this Monday, I didn't bring in a thing to show. Doesn't mean I didn't have new stuff though. I was just really tired and got two hours of sleep and felt a little rebellious. Ha.

Backgrounds for The Packrat have been coming along now, and I've slowly accepted that they will all be hand-painted instead of digital. Also been tweaking out some of the story kinks I kept getting stopped for and re-laid out scenes.

Lookit all the storyboard craziness!

Good thing about all this tweaking is I believe it's making the film a tad bit shorter. Which means more room for padding and any extra animation that sneaks it.

I'm using so much paper. Thank God it's free. I grab printer paper from one of the offices on campus that gives it out since it's apparently "unusable" because of four butt-end text characters left at the top of the page when they're done printing out audits or some such nonsense. They don't get in the way at all though and I'll take a huge chunk of the freebies and get them acme punched in our equiptment office. At least it's sort of like my school is funding my film in a roundabout way!

Mmmmm dead trees.

Here's a little background I'm working on:

k thnks bai! =)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mmmm tryptophan...


have a great thanksgiving everyone! =)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Still here...busy as always

Not much in the updates department. The Packrat is going along a little slow and going through a few story revisions and changes, and some bigger changes like me dropping out all use of dialogue. I'm trying to get a whole scene mostly finished by Monday but I somehow doubt I'll get that far done.

Working a bit too on some freelance for Asterisk, Inc. inbetweening on a feature they got a few minutes or so of to work on. That's going well but it's suuuuch a detailed character. Thank God I'm only inbetweening.

I'm excited for New Years this year. I'll most likely be going to the grandest New Years party ever. Check it out at
  • www.scythianmusic.com
  • . Scythian is perhaps one of the grandest bands out there kids. I can't say it enough. Though some of my friends hate that. =D