Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dead Animals

some pieces from some sessions at the museum earlier this summer.

August Wrap-Up

Just wanted to get in a post about...well...something. Finished up my trip to beautiful San Diego and the comic con in July with a trip to Chicago, then back to NYC two weeks later. Been working away on animation for a live-action feature film, designs by Bill Plympton. Lotsa work and lotsa late nights. Never thought I could do that kind of work again since senior year burned me out, but now it just makes it all seem quite easy. Posted a drawing over at my deviantArt page...just one lonesome drawing, but it's one more than I've done in a while.

a purdy ship in the harbor in san diego.
i love old planes. i really do. i went aboard the uss midway while i had some free time to myself in san diego. the midway was decommissioned in 1994 and turned into a museum. it's not just a place where grannies and vets flock's really worth going to walk around an actual aircraft carrier - below deck and up on the top deck - and a perfect place if any artists need good reference like this. worth all $10 i paid, and took away a load of sweet pictures of all the jets up top. if you ever go, don't pass up the opportunity to chat with the workers there. most of them are war vets and have great stories.
buncha the ncn guys at the con in san diego.
got to run into a lot of artists in sd too, like steve here.
and david colman (aka davidsdoodles - deviantArt). lucky bastard works designing for disney now.
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