Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summer so far....

So...trying to get myself up and running with websites and publications...hopefully soon will have some of my work in print to really be able to sell myself, even still being in school. Never hurts to start now!

Right after classes ended I was up and out in LA attending the coveted E3 convention, as a reward for my hard work illustrating in a contest. Had a blast hanging with all the artist out there in the most suped-up gaming environment ever (even though the most advanced thing I own personally is an original 1989 Nintento Gameboy...that I've even been recently playing...). After that, going home and crashing was on the agenda. I've been pretty non-existant to most of the world.

But I've got some projects in my scope. Some are underway (a bit of design work and flash animation for an up-and-coming virtual pet site), as well as some publication offers I've just gotten. Yes, I'm still an animator, but it's a ton of fun getting into illustration and comics. Plus, it's paying me right now!

Also, August 3-5 is the Wizard World Comic Convention in Chicago, where I got a generously offered spot at an artist's table, so I'm gearing up to sell work there for the first time ever. Should be exciting, and I'm making sure I come super prepared.