Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art Dump, March

Daily Draw February finished spectacularly!  Well, more exhaustingly for me, I barely got finished with it.  But I pulled through all 28 days, and was very glad for a break from it and just leave drawing to work right now, which I'm doing a lot of.  There were over 100 people that started DDF off, and 33 finished a piece every day before midnight deadlines!  That's like, the amount of entire Daily Drawing challenges in the past.  Here are some stellar selections from the jam:

Been going through some random drawings of mine and wanted to share a few that I liked.  Mostly simple stuff, but things I liked that I've done recently at various times for practice or doodling.

Working on this off and on; some materials rendering practice. I referenced related materials but didn't use any eyedropper tool for color. Still working on "beech" and "brushed steel". Each sphere only affects those in its row, no columns, just to keep things simple but still show reflectivity and refraction.
Some composition practice. I have Hans Bacher to thank for all the info on his awesome blog, and his book picking my brain.