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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Ok, since it's been terribly long since my last post - and I would really like to get back into posting more soon - I'm going to get this over with and share some dinosaurs!

These guys here were designs for a Lucky Charms spot.

And the bust maquette I made for finalizing the look (the dinosaur was CG in the final spot)

And here we have more dinos! This time for a Trix Yogurt spot that was for a stop-motion puppet!

Here's the mock-up maquette for the final puppet...

And the construction for the actual puppet...

...almost done...


And in her final glory:

All done here at Calabash Animation!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Daily Workout - Week 7

Just gonna post random stuff all this week! Keep checking back daily for images added to this post.

A quick color and design sketch, two baby tyrannosaurs are stalked by a mysterious creature after their mother dies:

Shoot...didn't get around to posting yesterday due to finishing up a ton of animation clean up, but I've got this little guy for today! I'd going to try and pull together a piece for this month's 11 Second Club competition, especially since it's a really fun sound FX clip and I immediately got a cute idea for it. This is the design of one of the characters in my clip.

I'm only going to add color if time offers me such a luxury, but for now it's only going to be black and white. I just dropped in this purple for fun.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Daily Workout - Week 3

Happy June everyone! Starting off the day to more Henry this Monday morning.

Also! Check out my big-timey cover art over at Screen Magazine:

There's a great chunk about Calabash Animation inside pages 12 - 13!
The art is all digital (Photoshop) save for the "movie screen", which is cut paper composited on top. There's a total of three layers of various textures of mine to make it look water-color-ish, even.

Tuesday "Morning":

Well, didn't actually get to do a "morning" warm-up per se, because of tight deadlines on stuff that took up all of my time, but I managed to squeeze this out before I left the studio for fun and study work.

Wednesday Morning:

I was getting carried away with this one and started coloring it, but thought to just post the linework for now! =)
Here's a little work in progress for the color, at the moment:

Thursday Morning:

I don't draw a lot in the way of machines and vehicles, so this is just a rough attempt at a concept.

Friday Morning: