Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Designs and Sharing Stuff

So I haven't had much of a chance to share work I've been doing for, ohhhh the past YEAR for my job! Just didn't really get motivated to compile a good little collection. And since most of these spots have aired for quite some time, I'm assuming they've run their course enough for me to share some behind the scenes of a few elements.

My biggest and most enjoyable position so far has been character design and color work. Color used to be my kryptonite funny enough, when I was younger, but I've beaten my weakness to a pulp over the years and now love working with it.

All of this artwork in this post are for just a few General Mills spots I've worked on so far.

I really loved this first design here:

This was the final:

I had to paint a doll concept as quick as I humanly could, and she came out super cute!

I love painting mock-ups for scenes to help set the environment. My painting skills in Photoshop are getting faster and faster:

I even got to paint (a ton!) of backgrounds for a series of Trix web shorts. Though since I was still new at it and doing so on a mass scale, I soon found out I was way in over my head and had to bring in extra help!

Which designs do you recognize? See any on TV recently?

Next post will have...DINOSAURS!