Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yay Pratt!

So now school's begun, the last trek before the big leap into the wide world of work. Well, not like we don't work our butts off here at school. Some strange feeling I get tells me that real work will be full of a lot less BS work than there is here...

I started the year off quite shakey. Lost my wallet first day of class (and now, funny thing, I seem to have lost it in my room), and then my wildlife hero Steve Irwin passes away. I loved that man very much. It was one of my life goals to meet him.

That aside though, my senior class animators and I are really digging into our thesis films, and for some of us...reality is hitting hard. I'm having a bit of trouble wondering where I am going to get voices for a little boy character. Then again, some of my friends here do frighteningly good little boy voices...

More production updates later, but for now, here's Gary. Gary looses his teddy. Gary's in my film ^-^.

Also, I finally got an email back from the artist's alley staff for the NYC comic con, with an application and everything. Let's hope that goes well.


Cale Atkinson said...

Huzzah New Posts! Looking good as always Jess! I cant wait to see more sketches on the film! haha Gary is awesome!!

Lee said...

Gary is like the little brother I never had.

Anonymous said...

Oh school. I just changed majors and now I'm so far away from being a forensics specialist, it's not even funny.

And I never thanked you enough about passing out stickers at the convention. It's just a shame where smilocide is headed. Smilocide myspace will be gone sometime soon.

Keep the art coming.