Monday, September 11, 2006

Sharing some Classics

I was oogling over some old Disney cartoons with Dan recently on good ol' YouTube, and just wanted to share one of my favorites. Disney had such a spark back then making shorts like these. Their studios really had balls. And yeah, not like today at all.

This is one of those awesome examples for most creative use of animated cycles. Haha. I die laughing at the end every time. Lol whale.


Dapper Dan said...

Yes, this was a blast to watch with ya (via this here interweb thingy)! It's a shame they don't put as much into the craft of animation anymore. Or are atleast allowed to without deadlines and exec-producers. Hopefully this quality will be back very soon! Goofy P'owns! :)

Lee said...

One of my favs.

jert said...

these old goofy cartoons are great....thanks for dropping in on my going to the con?...good to hear from 'ya


joshua wysocki said...

what are you talking about?

but i do agree, and goofy is my favorite disney shorts. cause they all tried to teach you about a sport or how to build something. plus goofy had the best poses and fluid movements of them all.

my fav, the goofy short of 'tennis'

AWD! said...

That has got to be one of my favorite Goofy cartoons... EVER! I've always loved the sports related Disney toons. Man, makes me regret not getitng that Complete Goofy DVD set when it was still around. Ah well. Keep it up ^_^