Sunday, September 10, 2006

The New Beast

Bwahaha, the Monster has arrived. Well it actually came Friday, but I'm just now getting around to showing it off. This was my back-to-school present for the year, and probably my early Christmas present...for a good couple Christmases to follow. Hahaha. Nice new slick PC notebook, with a gig of ram and 80 gigs of diskspace. More than enough for senior year's work. Next to it is the good old Millenium Falcon (so dubbed by me in numerous jokes about the old thing). My friends joked that they wanted to hold a fundraiser for me to get me a new computer when I brought that thing into class one day. Another friend wanted me to take a bat to it. It nearly died last year. I'll admit, it pulled off some amazing feats of usage, and I'm still pretty suprised I was able to do so much digital work on it for two years. See that white paint can behind the screen? Yeah....holding it up.

So yeah, I'm friggin flying on the new one. Pure bliss. =D


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Dapper Dan said...

Now that's a LAPPY! My only question is, why doesn't it have a little mouse nipple in the middle? LOL Yousss. Looks great though Jess, I look forward to seeing lotsa awesome art made with it! :)