Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wizard World Chicago, 2006

So in an attempt to look like I update here more than I really do, I'll make a few posts individually covering what I've been doing for the past month. Heh.

Attending the Wizard World comic convention this year was a blast, and I had a lot of fun being introduced into the convention scene (as well as being introduced to two of the fine young Sketch Tavern members). It was a great experience, selling prints and sketchbooks for the first time (and I was suprised how well the books sold). I helped work the booth for The Sketch Tavern, and work with two of their artists, Dan Schoening and Tim Kelley, as well as Tim's friend Ian Seniff. All three were great guys, and we all felt like old friends after only a couple days. Much comic antic-ing and Denny's eatery-ing followed suit, of course.

I even got to churn up some commission sketches, my favorite ones being for a very friendly member of The Disney Club, who was commissioning several artists at the convention to draw their own versions of Disney characters that he would pick for them. I found it quite neat that he prefered all this original art collecting rather than his peers, who all just drone into the mass-reproduced cel art in their homes. My favorite one I drew was a Tinkerbell.

So since Chicago was such a great convention experience, I'm attempting to get a booth at the second annual NYC Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center in February. Apparently it was a super hot venue last year in its debut, so I'm definitally crossing my fingers that I get a table!

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ANX said...

I squealed like a piggy just now when i saw this. I have this unhealthy obsession with Tink and I adore the way you drew you. Please! Go easy, I am running out of socks to rock these days.