Thursday, October 12, 2006

Too tired right now... I've just been too tired/busy/lazy to really keep up with updates on here, what I've been drawing, etc. But I did get to build my desk finally last night to put on the most beautiful hand-crafted animation table made for me:

haha drawing in progress up there ^

Keep in mind, I did NOT make the piece on top. Mister Lee Rubenstein's dad was wonderful enough to make one for me (with payment of course...though I feel like I robbed him for such awesome handiwork). I just build the shoddy-looking table underneath. But I'm so happy very first animation disk and desk. The lightbox has now officially retired. =D

Also, Ottawa and Orlando were a blast this past month of roaming around the country. I put more accurate updates on those two trips on my portfolio website, which I finally got up and running: There's pictures too, yaaaay. Everyone likes pictures!

I've been drawing a bit...started memory sketching. I'm just...yeah, too lazy to put them up yet. Want to color them actually. Been coloring a bit.



Piotr said...

Yay, an animation desk. Wish mine was custom. I gotta get be a better drawing table as well, post those examples up soon. The only excuse you have is that the raptors ate your sketches. I'll be checking in.

Marlo Meekins said...

looks great, yayyyyyyyy