Sunday, October 15, 2006

Website Blues

So, sorry if you guys ran smack dead into this but the website is down for a bit until I pay for more bandwidth. Aye be a poor college student and hafta scrape me together a few dubloons to get it back up for this month. Hopefully this will be soon. Peace.


Pag said...

pssst... if you have $7 a month, you get 1 gig of space and 20 gigs of bandwith:) That's alot of bandwith--enough for all your animations and whatnot!

Check er out at

Ben Heine said...

Hi Jessica, I love a lot your Blog and artwork. I´ll add your url in my Blogroll.
I noticed that you like Kruger´s works. I´m actually attending his 2nd woekshop in Germany. Sebastian is AMAZING. I hope you´ll be there next year... Ben