Monday, June 01, 2009

Daily Workout - Week 3

Happy June everyone! Starting off the day to more Henry this Monday morning.

Also! Check out my big-timey cover art over at Screen Magazine:

There's a great chunk about Calabash Animation inside pages 12 - 13!
The art is all digital (Photoshop) save for the "movie screen", which is cut paper composited on top. There's a total of three layers of various textures of mine to make it look water-color-ish, even.

Tuesday "Morning":

Well, didn't actually get to do a "morning" warm-up per se, because of tight deadlines on stuff that took up all of my time, but I managed to squeeze this out before I left the studio for fun and study work.

Wednesday Morning:

I was getting carried away with this one and started coloring it, but thought to just post the linework for now! =)
Here's a little work in progress for the color, at the moment:

Thursday Morning:

I don't draw a lot in the way of machines and vehicles, so this is just a rough attempt at a concept.

Friday Morning:



Joe said...

These are great Jessica...
I was wondering if you were still working on your film!!! It's looking really nice and the paintings are beautiful...

are they digital or analog?

anyway I hope you're planning on finishing it!


the plummer said...

Hey Joe! Thanks for visiting here.

If you're talking about "The Packrat", I'm afraid that film is on an indefinite hiatus. I just haven't the time to dedicate getting back into that zone again. Well, maybe I do, but my creative self has wandered so far since then, I feel like I want to move on to other projects. Not to mention how different my skill level is now in comparison, and how badly I'd want to re-do much of the work in the film.

All the backgrounds that were in a more "finished" state were hand drawn and painted, while others were a mix of that and digital (and the ruff ones just sketched in photoshop). If I decided to go back and finish it, I'd completely re-do all the backgrounds in a hand-drawn, digitally colored process.

I've had a couple others mention that I feel guilty and want to work on it! Gah!