Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily Workout - Week 2

Whoops! Missed a couple of work day warm-ups! Actually, I took last Friday off so I could get some things done at home before I flew out of state for vacation, and of course - studio was closed on Monday. Hope everyone's Memorial Day Weekend was nice! I'm a little late for Tuesday, erm, "morning", but here ya go!

This is Henry the Aardvark! I caught a glimpse of a blurb of two colors, and suddenly wanted to doodle this little guy. I didn't think he was any kind of animal until I thought he looked like an aardvark. Actually had to google an image of one because I've forgotten what they look like! What neat creatures! I want one now...

Wednesday Morning:

More Henry, I guess!

Thursday Morning:
(ok ok...so I'm cheating a bit and posting a day late...but my computer had been commandeered for Maya rendering, and...well...ya know....)

Friday Morning:

One last Henry piece to end the week! I don't draw much underwater environments, so this was nice to doodle up.


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That's great!!!!

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original and funny character.
Very interesting blog.