Monday, June 08, 2009

Daily Workout - Week 4

What weird weather we've been having here in Chicago...cold rainy to warm then cold again. In June. Thanks, climate change! =P (maybe I'll just move somewhere warm again...)

Monday Morning:

For good news though, I got a brand new bike and took it for a fun test spin yesterday running errands. Maybe I can actually get into shape again...

Tuesday Morning:

Once upon a time there was a mysterious girl, and two boys fell in love with her. One was a handsome prince, the other, a lazy scoundrel. All the girl wanted to do, however, was climb trees and play in the dirt!

Wednesday Morning:

Umm...a dragon???

Thursday Morning:

I'd love to be on a warm beach with clear water and bright white sand, especially today (rainy....).

Friday Morning:



j.etienne said...

The first one is my favourite.

Jefar said...

There's some nice work here! i love the drawing on tuesday morning.