Thursday, February 02, 2012

February 2nd

Day 2 - In which I actually get back on track with a self-imposed "challenge".

Though we all look forward to a time where there are no boundaries and anything goes, I’ve actually come to appreciate limitations to even personal work.  For one, it can really help you actually get things done (quite a problem I have), especially if you tend to overdo drawings and projects.  And it has helped me strengthen cognitive thinking when I’m limited to certain constraints.  I’ve found that I actually create BETTER and FASTER when constrained.

So when I decided to not only commit to a drawing a day, I also decided to work to one theme for the whole month (Fan Art), as well as put a little twist on things: I am not allowed to draw a piece unless it includes the following difficult or otherwise avoided “achievements”...go here to read the full list.

I will be allowing no more than two combinations of the above achievements per drawing, and of course if I want I shall reuse anything from the list.  The goal is to draw something from the above list AT LEAST ONCE. There will also be a few "Power Plays!" for a little extra "oomph" during the month, most likely on the weekends when I have more time on my hands and less interruption.

But I digress. Here is Day #2, as well as Achievement Unlocked: Cars! and as a bonus, POWER PLAY VI: One Comic Page. It may only be two panels, but I put any more panels down I get stir-crazy and want to write a whole epic.
I can't really stand drawing cars, but I aim to change that.  For some odd reason, the first thing I think of when I think of cars is KITT from Knight Rider.  Maybe because I like characters and KITT is a character unto himself in the show.  I'll confess...I never actually watched the show, at least in-depth enough to really know what was going on.  All I fondly remember was there was this show about a guy with fabulous hair, and a talking car.  And sometimes they'd be in a sticky situation, and I always had the idea that the car has to come and save Fabulous Hair from some danger every episode.  Of course in the most action-packed way.  I'd watch a bit of it because the intro was so fun, and then get tired and wonder when the hell my Shining Time Station or Mr. Roger's would be on.

Tools: Photoshop

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shelby arnold said...

I like that you can see KITT peeking through the window in the first panel XD