Monday, February 06, 2012

A Breather

I am a highly distracted person.  Obviously many of us are from time to time but certain things heavily affect me for long periods of time, and it can be extremely difficult to really pull oneself out of these sort of mental stupors.  Most of the time I can only relieve myself for short bursts, but they are welcome none the less.

I get so wrapped up at times, more inwardly than not, on how awful this world can be in general, that it helps to have an escape or two.  Being the distracted person I am, I keep anywhere from several to I-lost-count.

Working in conceptual art and design I maintain a growing personal library of images.  One that I had started to categorize just for personal use is a folder labeled "INSPIRATIONAL".  These are just people.  Some are well known, and some are just anybody, so their names don't really matter as much as they are just...there.  Some are artists that I look up to, and others are just reminders of human beauty in different ways.  I purposefully render them all grayscale (if they are not originally) to get rid of any distracting color.  The idea, I guess, is for me to just see not just visual values but a value range in life forms, and a sort of underlying idea of why they are important images to me.  I usually try and keep track of sources but I thought I'd just share a handful without commentary.  I kind of needed to pour through it this morning to gather my senses again.

If that makes any sense.


Kristen said...

I love these <3 thank you so much for sharing. I really dig the b&w, you're right, it helps you get down to the nitty gritty more quickly than if they were in color. I absolutely love it.

Wouter Bruneel said...

I've had a similar folder called "cool shit" on my computer for years now (I keep the name for nostalgic reasons and because it's a valid descriptor). Nice to see other artists are image hoarders like me.