Monday, January 30, 2012



I have been waiting for a kick-start like this for MONTHS.

 I don't know if I should be disappointed with myself or not that it takes a month-long, once-a-year little internet get-together to get be back into a drawing groove, but I CAN say that whatever it may be, it is most certainly welcome in my life right now.  A little more than a day before the February challenge is on...

Though constraints to a fun thing can sometimes damper a mood and are the first thing broken, I've decided to give my participating self a theme to abide by.  And to expand on it a bit: a hard list to follow.  Specifically - I will be drawing nothing but fan art.  I'm talking about the most unabashed, rolling-in-absolute-stinking-fandom-type fan art.  It's something I sort of cast aside in my quest for more life drawings and color studies, and I seem to have cut out all my fun and why I used to draw so often as a teenager.

So there's the question of the hard bit:  I am ONLY allowed to draw a piece if it includes an element I avoid drawing, be it because I am particularly annoyed by it, or haven't practiced it much, or shy from for various reasons.  These include, but are not limited to:

-cars (ugh)
-guns and other weaponry
-detailed urban architecture

Etc etc.  I'm already cringing just typing some of those (I'm looking at you, "cars"), and some I really just don't draw much of at all.  I'll be posting my full list of "achievements" in my challenge thread, which you can find here, but of course I will be posting the daily art here as well, in case wading through a labyrinthine forum is not for you.

Also - just gotta dance an excited jig over here - my inspiration for the month HAS ARRIVED EARLIER THAN EXPECTED.  Specifically to help me in the "boobies" department:

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