Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!

The start of anything new and fresh is always good mental inspiration for a lot of things. Change, repairs, and clean starts are present in a lot of personal resolutions, and are never short of present in creative fields. That's why I'm bucking up and solidifying goals for myself this year.

My animation has actually grown pretty stale, and I'm making quite a few adjustments alongside projects for artwork. A few things I'd like to post on this blog consist of a handful of monthly animation goals - not on new projects but on pieces I've actually begun and failed to finish as of yet. It's nice to start completely fresh on things, but very discerning to leave perfectly good beginnings to collect dust.

Each month I'll be working on short animation pieces - not necessarily complete shorts, just something to practice on for different reasons. January, February, and March will consist of three clips each that will have progress posts to share, while when April hits I'd like to post an announcement for a much larger project.

As terrible as I am with personal motivation, I hope that pushing myself to publicize these guys will give me a good incentive to keep up the work on them. Some things fall a bit short sometimes this way - I never really continued with my weekday morning drawing exercise that I started here - but trying to plan experiments like this help to see what's blocking progress, and I'd like to continue to correct these kind of shortcomings.

I'll be posting the first update on January's animation work later this week. It's already pretty far along so I can upload what's already done then.

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chaz said...

good luck! i look forward to seeing what you create.