Monday, April 02, 2007

Because photos are phun

...and internet spelling is phunnier. i am very tired.

A night working in the studio at Pratt with yours truly and the other animation bandits, sans one (Manny) who commutes to campus.

lucky bastards at calarts with their own little cubicles have nothin' against our little room and it's wall of skulls! (note kindergarten-like colored cut-outs on walls)

my little crooked desk I obtain the use of at times.

a defaced Meet the Robinsons poster, percentage done bars (ie. guilt trip), and lists of things to do make for a grand time.

deep thinking for my tush.

scissor fight!



Katie Pony said...

fer reals

Dapper Dan said...

Always wanted to know what the dungeon looked like. It's missing the rusty shackles and morbid brick work though :) That picture of you smilin is extremely pulchritudinous as well :)

Piotr said...

i think its more fun surrounded by other artists, cubicles constrain the artist. You can get up and dance!

tush thinking is good only on a nice surface!

the plummer said...

oh man, we dance. doooo we dance alright....

G R I G O R said...

PHNISH DA SHEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

HA - looks like ALOTTAPHUN!

hmmm wers da coffee cups!?!?! I would have em stacked up like a mile high!

californiagrown said...

Hey Jessica Whats up? Im not sure if ya remember me. We met at the ncn con in october. But anyhoo - just wanted to let you know that your animation is amazing. Im also working on a 2d animated thesis project. But i have only just begun the process. Best of luck and hope to talk soon!
Peace Fabian