Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Dinosaurs

I like to take advantage of moments where I can just sit and get a drawing out of my system...something that doesn't exhaust me and is not part of a project that requires me to think a lot. This is usually when I get to drawing dinosaurs again =).

Here's a Cryolophosaurus that I was particularly proud of how sketchy and fun it turned out.

And an unfinished sketch of a T-rex...with someone...maybe me. Is he gonna make a meal of me or am I gonna show him who's boss??


Piotr said...

gorgeousness! i have to practice with dinos, I want to ride them like dinotopia! :P

G R I G O R said...

" well hello helllllllooooooo- =P"

I think thats what hes thinking-

jert said...

your thunder lizards are so cool plummer, way to not suck

Dapper Dan said...

Great pics Jess! That T-Rex is all about the bedroom eyes, muy caliente!

Jane said...

beautiful dinosaur!

Scott Elyard said...