Friday, May 16, 2008

Artwork: Some May Stuff

And some icky traditional medium use. =(

Oh well; I've been a little tired of digital coloring lately, so I've been breaking out the paints and whatnot. It's fun painting and working like this again - mixing my own colors and what not - but it's been difficult getting used to them all over again and getting the results I want. Trying to apply what I've learned color-wise digitally to these.

I never really draw anything with cats, but since I happen to live with three of them, and Greg has been working so hard, I did this number up for him:

Our girlies, left to right: Kali, Starfish, and Maya. Did this with no initial sketching (only on the surface), and just jumped right in to make a finished piece. Photo of it sucks like always, but I tried to adjust it as close to the original colors as I could. Gouache on matte board - scraps from Greg matting a commission piece he recently did. Guess which ones are the attention hogs!!


A development piece for a yearlong personal/collaboration project that began about a month ago. Didn't mean to go in and render it so much, but a simple color sketch turned into me trying to fix it turned into layers of paint and pencil and really making it a little flat and overdone - not my initial intention. I really should have connected the wing to the back leg, but ehhhh...still figuring it all out. The project is still in early development stages, so not much to post on it here now, but will be filling all you in about it later =).

Watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil on watercolor paper.


OH! Edit: And Tony Stark hearts yoo!!! Go give him yo monies!