Saturday, March 22, 2008

Arrg, OK, here goes 2008

Yeah, three months late in starting off blogging in this year of new, but better late than never. I have lots to start posting again up here, and need to just get a jump on an entry.

As some of you know, I went away for the winter holidays visiting my boyfriend's family in Eastern Europe, specifically Kavadarci, Macedonia, and other locales. Didn't know where the heck Macedonia was? Well, now you do. =D

So, before any arty posts, I'd like to showcase a little retrospective of that month-long trip. It was a great visit, but - if you ever go, be prepared to be fed a lot. And smoke a lot (or sit in smoke a lot). You. Have. No. Choice.

Sitting around, eating food. I wasn't kidding about the lots of food thing.

Photo-ing of photos.

Car trip Makedonski style.

All these next pictures are from Greece. This is on a tomb outside a museum.

Stay tuned for some art posts yaaay!


Joe Bluhm said...

Excellent comments, excellent trip- I'm most jealous and above all, miss you both!

jert said...

beautiful photos jessica